Captain Cooked Author S.P. Grogan S.P. Grogan is active in the entertainment industry. For the last ten years the author has been an annual visitor to the Big Island and for several years active in real estate on the island of Kaua'i. Buy the author's best selling debut quest mystery, Vegas Die.

Stephen Grogan has been in a battle all his life between his creative elements, less the single purpose vocation, more so the generalist everyman with a boatload of ideas seeking fulfillment. His resume would take pages, with harrowing stories, and forgettable sidebars. Suffice it to say, he has always written, whether in school, or his first job out of college (public relations) or in the entrepreneurial world where a business plan is required to be drafted.

For ten years in the 1990's, S.P. Grogan was an editor & publisher of an industry entertainment magazine.

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Captain Cooked. Captain Cooked is a Quest Mystery involving GPS; a real shark tooth war club geo-cached (hidden) somewhere on the Big Island and when discovered can be redeemed for a cash prize.