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A shark teeth club is hidden somewhere on the Big Island and the clues are in the book and/or posted at The hunt for the club will end two years from publication date. In 2008, my book Vegas Die was published with a hidden dagger somewhere in Las Vegas Valley, and a three year hunt. The response of Questors which made this mystery a best seller gave me confi dence to try again. The concept is unique: that the writing is seamless, in that you read only a mystery not realizing a treasure hunt lurks between the words and phrases. Read fi rst as a mystery, then go back and look for clues. In this Quest Mystery we have added the excitement of geo-caching and the use of GPS. Yes, you may have to visit The Big Island to join the search, or seek out fellow Questors who might assist you. Remember, the Quest Mystery mantra: Nothing Is As It Seems. N 19° 54. 893' W 155° 48. 960'

After finding the Hawaiian war club, the Questor can redeem it for $5,000 cash. Also, depending on sales of book, the publisher may increase the prize incrementally to sales, so the prize could be larger.

I want to give special thanks to Donn Mukensnable, who has acted as my teacher, guide, and mentor in learning the art of geo-caching on the Big Island. When I am not on island Donn will act as the guardian of the QuestMystery caches — except he will not know the location of the prize cache. There are 140 caches hidden by others on The Big Island so beyond a Quest Mystery treasure hunt there is plenty more excitement to be found in your island searches. Please visit the official site:

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Armchair Questors: Not going to Hawai'i soon but want to become a Captain Cooked Questor? Join in. Contact Author if you feel you figured out clues to where the hidden war club is.

Beginning September 27th, we will start having cash contests based on the story within Captain Cooked. You don't have to be on island to play!

S.P. Grogan

Touring nurses make their beach reading buys for Hawaii trip.

Touring nurses make their beach reading buys for Hawaii trip.

Hiding the cache: Exploring the Captain Cooked Lava Tube Cave :: Photo Gallery

Location: Hawaii, United States
Mayela Mingi found Cave Hole Cache (Traditional Cache) at 6/24/2011

Log Date: 6/24/2011
WooHoo, my kind of adventure!

We trekked on to the entrance in our flip-flops, and did get some of those nasty thorns in them, but no punctured skin. Then we hopped down into the cave, past the goat bones, and through the tunnel. Great fun. My daughter, a resident, accompanied her fanatical geocaching dad, then had to do a handstand in the light at the cache site.

Location: Hawaii, United States
cvfamily4 found Cave Hole Cache (Traditional Cache) at 6/19/2011

Log Date: 6/19/2011
Wow!! This was our favorite so far on the island! Bit of a challenge but we managed to get the cache in hand. We first parked at the coords given for parking but didn't see a trail so we turned around and was not going to do it but going back we spotted a wide trail with a .20 hike coords we parked at n19 54.579 w155 48.913 as we started our hike we marked waypoints to back track which was a big help! The lava rocks are really hard to walk on but then the smooth lava was a lot easier to walk on. Lots of shrubbery bushes poking around and HUGE spiders. Took a pic of one that looked really scarry! As we zeroed in our son spotted the cache but was freaked out to grab it so hubby got down to business and made the grab BUT wait wait what about the entrance!! We looked and looked and found another big huge hole with bones at the bottom. Nope don't think we want to jump down so what about the other entrance?? Our garmin wouldn't lead us in the correct direction so we gave up and headed back to the car since our 12 year old was a bit tired and our water supply was running low. As we walked back we thought how nice that someone made this trek and marked this location for us so a BIG thanks to the person who placed this and gave us a great adventure that our kids will never forget and maybe someday will share it with there kids. Oh yeah since this was a special one for us we left our pathtag that was designed by our 17 year old son and we took the Canada TB.
Aloha ~cvfamily4~

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Location: Hawaii, United States
Naugtboyscout found Cache #1

Dear Author,
my name is naugtboyscout. I have found Captain Cooked Cache #1. Much mahalo for the adventure. Aloha Rob

Location: Hawaii, United States
Leenah found Cave Hole Cache

OMG! On an adventure scale of 1 to 10, this was at least a 12!!! Our party consisted of us (Grandma & grandpa cachers) daughter, and 9 yr old grandson...We chose to traverse the full length of the lava tube and wound up crawling for almost 2 hours (in total darkness had it not been for our flashlights)... I say "crawling" because there were tons of large boulders and lava debris in the cave adding to the difficulty. There was also that trek to find the entrance and another trek and a half getting back to our car afterwards. I must say, the cache was a welcome sight (as was the light and fresh air) while we were in the tube, but don't get confused--you will find more than one area with light from above...Strong FLASHLIGHTS, lots of WATER, sturdy shoes, and walking sticks MANDANTORY. Even with all of these, we arrived back at our car bruised, bleeding, and dying of thirst but VERY VERY proud of ourselves for finding this most AWESOME of caches. THANK YOU very much for such a memorable caching experience!!! Took an angel TB and a golf ball, left a shell bottle and a rainbow pin.

Clues are hidden in ammunition cases (see above) hidden around the island. And other clues are in the book. Beware of ‘red herrings’, misleading caches. GPS Questor Guide Donn Mukensnable acts as official overseer of the Quest Mystery caches.

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Captain Cooked. Captain Cooked is a Quest Mystery involving GPS; a real shark tooth war club geo-cached (hidden) somewhere on the Big Island and when discovered can be redeemed for a cash prize.

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