Submitted by: Christina Maffei
Trump International Hotel Waikiki Beach Walk

Ilikea's Mai Tai Ilikea's Mai Tai
Winner of the Mai Tai Contest at Royal Kona's Mai Tai Festival

1 oz Bacardi 8
½ oz DiSarono Amaretto
¼ oz Domain de Canton Ginger Liquor
¾ oz homemade kaffir lime- orange-syrup
½ oz Roasted Pineapple puree
¾ oz fresh lime juice
Shake and pour into highball
Layer with ½ oz Bacardi Select
Top with pineapple Bacardi Gold sorbet
Glass: High Ball
Garnish: Grilled pineapple wedge, sugar cane stick, green orchid

*syrup– steep about 20 kaffir leaves in water- after water is fragranced enough (about 10 min on very low simmer), make simple syrup with equal parts of the kaffir water and sugar, simmer with peel from one orange for about 20 min.

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Poke, Sashimi, Ceviche with Mai Tai from the Royal Hawaiian, Honolulu
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